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At PSA, coaching is not business but a method to grow your potential. At PSA, we believe that every student is blessed with a unique pace and potential. PSA ensures that every student is given optimum knowledge to succeed in his or her chosen career path. With 100% success rate, PSA aims to not only coach but also mentor and empower students to grow their potential. Our video testimonials speak for us!

Kya acha job milega ?

Mil sakta hai! Achi English ke saath

Kya acha career bann sakega?
Bann sakta hai! Acchi angrezi ke saath

Kya entrance exam clear ho paega?

Ho sakta hai! Pakki angrezi ke saath 

Kya mujhe sab pehchanenge?


Achi angrezi ke saath 

Pakki Angrezi ka Pakka gyan jo rahe aapke pass ! Isliye PSA ki Neha Ma'am hain khaas !

PSA Modules

Module 1


Fun with Grammar  


Customized improvement plan

Fluency of Speech

Clarity of Speech

Pitch and Intonation

Speech Mannerisms

60% activity based 40% Developing and Strengthening knowledge base

Numerous Class activities

Weekly Test

Go Grammar

Suitable for students who wish to brush up their grammatical skills and develop a solid grammatical base for examinations.

Grammar Orientation

Back to basic fun grammar

Time Frames




Vocabulary and expressions

Weekly Test


Suitable for those beginners who wish to develop basic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

4 weeks/ 5 days a week/40 Hours Program.

IELTS overview

Exam pattern

How to score more

Assessment Test

Identifying areas of improvement

Honing Grammar Skills

Developing sentence patterns

Introduction to IELTS vocabulary

Introduction to effective writing with practice

Customized strategies for individual students based on assessment 

5+ practice tests free

Individual Assessment and Feedback

PSA Advantage

Wise Guy

SOLACE : a source of comfort

Gyan Ki Baat

ABDICATE : to give up a position of power

Gyan Phrase

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER : It is better to be late than never to arrive

Video Testimonials

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All Videos

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