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How to speak English fluently? 8 top tips!

Updated: Feb 6

English bolni nahi aati toh aa jaaegi, jo main thaan loon toh fluency mil jaegi! Spoken English skills or strong English speaking skills are necessary. Be it job interview, GMAT, CAT, IELTS, IBPS PO, SSC, SSB or your CBSE or ICSE exams, strong written and communication skills are vital for you. You can learn to speak in English in 10 days, in 7 days, in 2 minutes! Huh! Kaun bola? I'd say, Nai Re! Learning English takes time. All good things take time. In 2 minutes, well, it is widely known that you can make Maggi in 2 minutes, but even that takes longer than 2 minutes!! Also, learning sentences is not = to speaking fluently! If you really want to improve your spoken English, try the following tips.

  1. Avoid cramming English: You can speak in English if you have the desire to learn English. So, instead of cramming sentences, vocabulary or phrasal verbs focus on basics. Start from basics.

  2. Go grammar: How can you grow any tree without roots? Grammar is the root of spoken English, bro! You should learn fundamental grammar patterns to improve your English speaking skills.

  3. Read, read more, read a lot: Wait, don't read hefty books or profound English articles. Read simple books. Start with short and easy books.

  4. Learn for yourself: Yes, learn English to impress yourself, with your communication skills, to add confidence to your personality, and to make yourself ready for the future.

  5. Practice, practice again: Don't wait for an English speaking friend. Apun ka koi dost nai tha. Apun apni family ka first English expert bana. Apun apna best friend tha aur abhi bhi hai! All you need is proper knowledge of grammar and speaking patterns.

  6. Read and Repeat: Repeat what you read to understand how you sound when you speak.

  7. Fix a time: Just as you have a time to brush or bath (you do have a time for it right!! ;) fix a time to practice English. Slowly, you can increase your speaking time.

  8. Please make mistakes: Mistakes are necessary to improve your English speaking skills. Just find an awesome teacher to correct your mistakes. Mistakes ko Dil pe mat le dost!

Finally, English speaking skill is like yoga, seekhne se he hoga !

Stay tuned for more!

Fun fact @PSA : Yahan रटना नहीं samajh ke bolna hai!


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